Hydraulic Excavator Multiprocessors

Crafted for optimal flexibility, the Indeco IMP multiprocessor is the ideal choice for both niche and generalist companies requiring a tool versatile enough for diverse jobsite scenarios in the demolition and recycling sector. Interchangeable jawsets allow it to adapt for use in multiple functions, from crushing and pulverizing to shearing and Combi Cutter roles, all on a single carrier.

Constructed using cutting-edge materials like the ultra-durable HARDOX® alloy steel, the Indeco IMP multiprocessor ensures no body flexing, showcasing its resilience against immense pressure, wear, abrasion, and extended usage under varying jobsite conditions.

Distinctive attributes, including its uniquely designed jaws, the proven rotation mechanism (a staple in all Indeco rotating products), and the swappable teeth on the mobile jaw for both crusher and pulverizer setups, empower this product to excel in every application.

In the “shear” setup, the Indeco ISS shears lend some of their distinctive features, including their cutting geometries, blade designs, and the proprietary piercing system.

The updated Combi Cutter jaws are especially adept at dismantling reinforced concrete structures. With a tip featuring two easily replaceable toothed plates and extended blades at the back, slicing through steel rods within reinforced concrete becomes effortlessly efficient.

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1. Full 360° hydraulic rotation
2. Steel protection for the piston rods
3. Interchangeable jaws, available in four different kits
4. Interchangeable and reversible cutters
5. Single pivot point
6. Automatic greasing system
7. Interchangeable teeth
8. Two large pistons
9. Robust structure
10. Frame and jaws in HARDOX®

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